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FREE Course: "Hands on .NET Core 2" on Udemy! Messages in this topic - RSS

Jeremy Morgan
Jeremy Morgan
Posts: 45

Jeremy Morgan
Jeremy Morgan
Posts: 45
You can get a free coupon to get this course 100% off!!

This is for my Udemy Course, "Hands on .NET Core 2". Details here:


All you have to do is:

sign up for an account at these forums
post an introduction telling us who you are here
and send me a private message, and I'll send you a code for 100% off!!

This course covers developing .NET Core applications and deploying them, including building them on a Mac or Linux! You'll be up to speed with .NET core fast with this course, and I'm giving it to you FREE.

Thanks for joining! You can get FREE help for the course in these forums as well.
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It works on my machine
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